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Home of the Original Make-an-Offer Tool

Top Tier Trading.  Much like our name, our process too helps us live up to it. Real offers submitted 100% online.  For the first time ever our car shoppers have the ability to make an offer on a vehicle without ever entering our dealership or ever picking up the phone to call us.  It is all done exclusively online and made possible through our brand new state of the art Make-an-Offer Tool.  To submit an offer simply click the vehicle you are looking to purchase then select “make an offer”.  The automated Make-an-Offer Tool will then walk our car shoppers through a series of questions as it builds their offer.  At the end the offer is submitted with no obligation to purchase.   Tell us the terms of the sale, how much you want to pay, along with anything else needed to make the sale all from the comfort of your home.  

Not ready to make an offer? No problem.  We always want our customers to feel comfortable with the entire car buying process, and encourage them to reach out to us via phone, email, or come visit us in person.


A Simplification of the car buying process

Buying a car can be a lengthy process.  Car shoppers frequently find themselves spending the majority of their weekend stuck at a dealership filling out paperwork and waiting on finance and sales managers.  Time spent waiting that TTT feels could be better spent… well… not at the dealership. And that is exactly how our Make-an-Offer Tool is designed to work, so you our customer can spend the least amount of time here, and more time spent enjoying their hard earned time off.  The make-an-offer tool allows us to begin the purchasing process ahead of your appointment, so by the time you arrive at our dealership the paperwork is complete and all the financing is prearranged minimizing your time spent here.   

Common Questions and Answers

Q.  If I make an offer, am I obligated to purchase the vehicle?

A.  No, at offer submittal there is no obligation to purchase.  Only at time of deposit are you committing to purchasing the vehicle. 


Q.  Does it cost anything to make an offer?

A.  No,  making an offer is free.  We only ask customers to make a $500 deposit after their offer is accepted, and they intend on following through and purchasing the vehicle. 


Q.  Is my deposit refundable?

A.  Yes, buyers who make a deposit online are protected.  If TTT mistakenly misrepresents the vehicle online, or the vehicle isn't as advertised on vehicle delivery, buyers can cancel sale and request a refund at that time. Refunded amount will be deposit amount less any and all payment processing fees charged by Square Up and any and all expenses incurred related to arranging buyer financing if applicable. 


Q.  When is my Deposit Nonrefundable?

A. Buyers can cancel sale and request a refund for any reason for the first 36 hours from time of deposit. Any time after the initial 36 hours, deposit is Nonrefundable. The only exception to this is the aforementioned buyer protection afforded on vehicle delivery.  Cancellations requests can be made by calling the office.  Refunded amount will be deposit amount less any and all payment processing fees charged by Square Up and any and all expenses incurred related to arranging buyer financing if applicable. 


Q. Why is my deposit nonrefundable after 36hours?

A.  At time of deposit the buyer and TTT enter an agreement. The buyer agrees to purchase the vehicle and TTT in return agrees to hold the vehicle for said buyer. In the event the agreement is broken, the deposit compensates TTT for the lost time the vehicle was held off the market.  Remember the goal is to always work towards fairness for all parties involved.