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Financing Solutions

  1. Dealer Financing. TTT is an indirect lender licensed by the NH Banking Department as a Retail Seller. And as such we are able to help get our customers financed through our network of partnered lenders. Customers looking to obtain financing through TTT can do so by applying through the Make-an-Offer Tool.* Dealer financing is available to qualifying customers.  Credit approval is based on each applicants credit score and history and is not guaranteed.* 
  2. Local Bank/ Credit union. Customers who wish to obtain financing through their own bank or credit union are always more than welcome to do so.
  3. Direct Online Consumer Lending.  Customers can complete the loan process 100% online directly with the lender.  Example of such lenders are LightStream and Consumers Credit Union.*

 * The before mentioned lenders are listed for buyer convenience.  Top Tier Trading LLC does not endorse these lenders.   Every buyer should due their due diligence in shopping for best rate and term on their auto loan based on their own individual credit score and vehicle to be purchased. These lenders offer convenience through the online application and approval process and offer great flexibility with same day funding, nationwide lending, and no vehicle restrictions.*